What we do Take your business further. Import to Singapore with us. What we do Import to Singapore with Import4U.

No local entity? No problem! You can still import to Singapore, with us.

Bid adieu to the need of creating a local bank account as we take care of the GST and duties payments to customs.

Supports IRAS Major Exporter Scheme (MES), enabling companies to enjoy cash flow relief from the suspension of import GST for non-dutiable goods.

Worried about custom clearance? With our professional declarant team, you’ll sail smooth.

Hassle-free import experience with specially curated service providers to support your logistics needs.


Importing to Singapore is now swift and easy, with Import4U, your one-stop solution for import and logistics-related services.

Import4U is a flagship product from GUUD Singapore, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the GUUD group of companies (GUUD).

With years of experience in the trade and logistics industry, we are passionate about helping our clients expand their business overseas by becoming their trusted partner for Importer of Record (IOR) service. We simplify the international expansion game with our one-stop import service so that our clients do not need to wrestle with the complex trade laws, international shipping process and can focus on their core business instead.

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One-stop Importing service.

Begin the business journey of thousand miles, with us.


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Importer of Record (IOR) Service

An expert in the trade and logistics industry, we have built a solid knowledge of Singapore’s import regulations over the years, enabling us to be a trusted partner for IOR service in Singapore. We handle all the import requirements, such as licence applications, permit declarations, GST and duties payments for you, to ensure full compliance. We also support the IRAS Major Exporter Scheme (MES), enabling companies to enjoy cash flow relief from the suspension of import GST for non-dutiable goods.

To enhance your experience with us, we partner with an array of specially curated service providers to support your logistics needs within Singapore and beyond.

What is IOR, and do you need one?

Importer of Record (IOR) is an authorised party that’s responsible for ensuring clearance of imported goods, and also takes care that all goods abide by customs and legal requirements.

While importing to Singapore, one should have IOR as unfamiliarity of customs regulations may cause compliance issues, leading to penalties, fines, delay or failure of shipment being released or cleared by the customs.

If you are unaware of the certain attributes such as the import procedures, classification of your goods, what type of licenses to apply, how to prepare and declare import permits, pay taxes, and duties to the Singapore customs, an IOR, Import4U, is what you need.

Wide Courier and Freight Forwarding Network

We work closely with some of the world’s largest freight forwarders and courier companies, and our platform enables us to connect with the best service provider that meets your business needs around the clock.

Flexible Warehousing & Storage Facilities

We have different types of warehousing services for you to choose from according to your needs. Short and long term storage, bonded and non-bonded warehouses & customised inventory management services, including periodic reports on inventory status.

Efficient Last-mile Delivery Services

Our last-mile delivery capabilities ensure your goods get delivered smoothly and timely within Singapore and provide prompt updates of the delivery status. With some of the most reputable trucking service providers in Singapore, our partners ensure your goods are handled with the utmost care.

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